Salt Marsh Sparrows
Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow  IF2B0440.jpg - 49373 Bytes

The secretive Saltmarsh Sparrow breeds in salt marshes from Maine to Virginia.

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Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow _F2B1519.jpg - 41816 Bytes

A Nelson's Sparrow wintering on the Texas coast.

Seaside Sparrow _F2B2258.jpg - 43261 Bytes

Seaside Sparrows are the most abundant of the salt marsh specialist sparrows. They breed in salt marshes from New Hampshire to Texas.

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Coastal Plain Swamp Sparrow _F2B0817.jpg - 29057 Bytes

The Coastal Plain race of the Swamp Sparrow breeds in the high marsh from New Jersey to Virginia and winters in marshes in North Carolina. more info Play the song

Song Sparrow w02-48-034.jpg - 27657 Bytes

Song Sparrows are found in many habitats including the edges of salt marshes, where they are quite common.