Ribbed Mussels

Ribbed mussels play a critical role in salt marshes. They filter out extra nutrients and pollutants. Their bissal threads, act like anchors to help keep the marsh from eroding.

Ribbed mussels2169-29.jpg - 91056 Bytes
Ribbed Mussels winter _F2B6684.jpg - 97198 Bytes

In winter the mussels can withstand freezing.

Salt Marsh frigid  Ribbed Mussels in ice _F2B6600.jpg - 92070 Bytes

Ribbed Mussels encased in ice
Salt Marsh frigid  Ribbed Mussels in ice _F2B6595.jpg - 76303 Bytes

Ribbed mussels can also end up in strange places..

>Ribbed Mussel on horseshoe Crab 3125-31.jpg - 53753 Bytes

A ribbed mussel attached to a horseshoe crab leg

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Snails recycle nutrients in the marsh.

Periwinkle _F2B1081.jpg - 67374 Bytes

Periwinkles on smooth cord grass

Mud Dog Whelk _F2B3390.jpg - 72688 Bytes

Mud dog whelks thrive in a muddy marsh