Salt Marsh Flowers

Though wildflowers are relatively scarce in salt marshes, there are some pretty ones.

Sea Lavender 30678-19.jpg - 57082 Bytes

Sea Lavender often grows with salt hay, salt grass, or low-growing smooth cord grass.

Seashore Mallow 2998-05.jpg - 39382 Bytes

Seashore Mallow grows in the fresher reaches of the salt marsh.

Saltmarsh Ox-Eye _F2B2595.jpg - 60472 Bytes

Saltmarsh Ox-Eye grows in the high marsh in the South.

Perennial Salt Marsh Aster _F2B9271.jpg - 33061 Bytes

Perennial Salt Marsh Aster often grows among the smooth cord grass where few other flowers are found.

Salt Marsh Shrubs

Salt Marsh Grasses