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Links to More Information on Salt Marshes

Salt Marsh Ecology

  • Dynamics of the Salt Marsh (SC)
  • An Ecological Survey of the Coastal Region of Georgia (GA)
  • Gulf Coast Salt Marshes (FL)
  • Fundy Salt Marshes (NS)
  • Salt Marsh Guide (NH)
  • Oregon's Salt Marshes (OR)
  • Louisiana Salt Marshes (LA)
  • Maine's Coastal Wetlands (ME)
  • Salt Water Marshes in Mid-Coast Maine (ME)
  • Virtual Field Trip -The Salt Marsh - Clemson U. (SC)
  • Salt Marsh Wildlife

  • Blue Crabs
  • Fiddler Crabs
  • Grass Shrimp
  • Ribbed Mussels
  • Greenheads (Flies)
  • Salt Marsh Plants

  • Guide to Plants and Animals in New Hampshire Salt Marshes (NH)
  • Places to Learn About Marshes

  • Sea to See (Florida)
  • Tides

  • Tide Charts
  • About Tides
  • H O M E

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