The meandering creeks in salt marshes are easiest to see from the air. The first seven photos show marshes that have not been modified by ditching and development.

SALTMARSH FALL AERIAL 2939-11.jpg - 96628 Bytes

Meandering guts in Delaware Bay.

Saltmarsh creek 2902-54.jpg - 88518 Bytes

Laughing Gulls nest on the banks of this creek.

Saltmarsh autumn aerial.jpg - 79205 Bytes

Life in the marsh is interconnected with life in the bay.

Salt marsh aerial 2939-56.jpg - 73711 Bytes

Upper reaches of a salt marsh

Salt marsh aerial 2939-44.jpg - 100311 Bytes

The light tan areas along the edge of the big creek are patches of Phragmites or Common Reed

Saltmarsh ecotone 2903-70.jpg - 89183 Bytes

Salt marsh along a river.

Saltmarsh creek .jpg - 88103 Bytes

Branching creeks in natural salt marsh.

Saltmarsh meanders 2903-66.jpg - 86633 Bytes

The straight lines are ditches dug to
drain the marsh to control the mosquitoes.
This has not been good for many other animals
of the marsh.

Marina in saltmarsh 2902-03.jpg - 51566 Bytes

Housing, marina and road built in the salt marsh.

Housing in former salt marsh 2903-29.jpg - 77944 Bytes

The houses to the right were built on a former salt marsh.